Peace of mind is our most important product

Apollo 3’s innovative hybrid approach to IT helps organizations deliver safe, secure, and reliable technologies that empower your people and support your existing IT staff. We will right-size your infrastructure and offer onsite support, a live local help desk 24/7/365, and customized security options that will keep your organization safe in online and in person environments.

Empowering Engagement In The Classroom

Our on-site and remote services enhance your current IT team, giving them the tools and resources to be successful. Continuous proactive, monitoring of your system’s status prevents unforeseen failures in servers, switches, and even individual endpoints. If glitches do arise, local IT technicians who understand your system are always just a phone call away.

Distance Learning

Our expert management of your infrastructure and our live local help desk will provide you with peace of mind. Letting Apollo 3 address and fix technical difficulties allows you to focus on what you were trained to do.

Keeping Children Safe

We understand that safety in our schools is everyone’s paramount concern. Protecting your system from cyberthreats, monitoring and reporting inappropriate online activity, and providing intelligent video monitoring to assure campus security are just a few of the ways we keep your people safe.


Ensuring an efficient, safe environment


Enhancing your current system


Enhancing your current system


Live local assistance

Meeting the challenges of emerging technologies

“We take a hard look at where you are, and at where you want to be, and then figure out the best possible way to get you there within the constraints of your budget.”
Mike Devinney,
Principal, Apollo 3

We can help with:

  • Attracting and retaining quality IT professional staff
  • Onsite and remote technical support
  • Staying current with evolving technologies, security monitoring, and IT skill sets
  • Managing your infrastructure for better data security, to protect against viruses and ransomware, and to prevent hacking of personal information
  • Quickly responding to teacher, student, parent, and staff IT needs
School districts in transition

“An online learning experience ought to be just as personal and engaging as a live classroom. We make that experience seamless, so kids are engaged in learning, engaged with their teachers and one another, not in trying to get their technology to work.”
Bob Buzzelli,
Principal, Apollo 3

We can help when:

  • It is time to upgrade, refurbish, move, or relocate existing infrastructure
  • You need to increase your range of services to meet changing demands like 1:1 initiatives, smart classrooms, or distance learning.
  • Consolidating and/or expanding schools
Concerns about physical and network security

“The health and safety of the kids is what is always foremost on our minds. We have children of our own, so we get it. Protecting children from online predators, protecting their privacy, and monitoring their online and on-campus behavior all serve that end.”
Mike Grady,
Principal, Apollo 3

We can provide:

  • Secure networks for onsite and remote distance learning
  • Content monitoring, blocking, and reporting of student online activity
  • Network and campus security services that proactively monitor the health of your network
  • Video surveillance and building access controls

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