Mike Devinney has 35 years experience in business operations, executive management, and IT management. He has spent his career conceiving and implementing strategic business plans that consistently produce operational efficiencies to improve performance across the breadth of entire organizations.

Working with schools since the 1980s, Mike has forged partnerships that combine clarity about strategic objectives with an unwavering commitment to speed of service. His deep understanding of the school environment stems from his work as an IT manager for a 3,000 student, 5-campus school district, where he designed and implemented a 3- to 5-year technology plan to maximized system performance while minimizing costs.

“That experience got me excited about the difference a well-designed, properly managed IT system can make in a school district. For the kids, for the teachers, and for the administrator. I saw a real service gap for school districts who may not have the budgets or internal resources of a big corporation but have the same critical need for safe and efficient IT systems. At the heart of our business, we make the IT work so teachers can concentrate their energy on teaching their students.”


Robert Buzzelli brings a diverse skill set to Apollo 3. In addition to his experience as an entrepreneur and private wealth manager, he has worked extensively in creating comprehensive and enduring IT strategies for corporations and mid-sized businesses alike. He directed a reengineering effort of the entire business model of USX, the largest steel producer in North America, with 75,000 employees. That project, requiring the total integration of order entry, manufacturing, logistics, transportation, and customer information management for 100,000 records, yielded an improvement in productivity from 14 to 16 man hours per ton to just 3.

“Even a highly technical appearing business like IT is not, at its heart, really about the technology. It is instead about taking of care of people, helping them learn, helping them protect their assets. First by understanding their needs, then by developing a workable strategy, and finally, and most importantly, by executing on that strategy as promised.”


Michael Grady is a former Executive Vice President of one of North America’s largest privately held security and network protection firms. In his 37-year tenure there he was nationally recognized for his leadership in directing the development of superior integrated security solutions and managed network services. He is a founding board member of the Loss Prevention Foundation, and long ago achieved his own Loss Prevention Certification. He is an active leader in his community, with a decades-long engagement with the Salvation Army, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, and New Community Church in Wexford, PA.

“My success in building customer value has been driven by a strong work ethic, a can-do attitude, an always open perspective, and above all else, a commitment to building and leading strong teams of talented people equally committed to getting it right.

The most important thing any business or institutional leader can do these days is to prepare for and embrace an environment of inevitable change. The best way I know to do that is to surround myself with singularly talented people who understand the value of good communications and know in their bones the critical importance  of providing exceptional customer service.”


In addition to his role as a managing partner in Apollo 3, Jim Lefcakis is President and founder of our Network Operations Center, LEFCON. For 25 years, Jim has directed the creation of customized IT solutions for small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, and educational institutions alike. Apollo 3 has partnered with LEFCON to make sure the schools and school districts we serve can receive in-person, on-site support and easy access to a live, local, 24/7 help desk staffed with experienced technicians who are experts in the specific technologies you use.

“The strength of the relationship between Apollo 3 and LEFCON is unique in the industry, and should be any school district’s best assurance of creating and maintaining a seamless and secure IT strategy. Our partnership in providing superior solutions to schools brings decades of knowledge and experience specific to K-12 education.”

Kayla Starta

A seasoned marketing and public relations strategist, Kayla has served as a trusted advisor and consultant for Fortune 100 technology firms and Microsoft Partners nationally, executing strategic marketing automation and sales strategies. Kayla has presented for Chatham University Center Women’s Entrepreneurship on digital marketing strategies for small business owners, and was a speaker for the Brand Hero Summit, a virtual conference empowering business owners on branding strategies. Kayla was awarded the Distinguished Young Woman Award through the YWCA in 2018, and sits on the advisory board for She Elevates, a non-profit creating a pathway for girls ages 8 to 14 to be confident leaders, entrepreneurs and CEOs.

Kayla Starta

Mary Ellen Rockwell

Mary Ellen Rockwell is an experienced professional with over 17 years working in K-12 education, providing administration and application and database management support. She is focused on our work with Ellwood City School District.

Kayla Starta

Joe Young

Joe Young is a nationally recognized teaching artist. He has been conducting art programming for over 30 years. He has taught hundreds of thousands of youth over the decades. Joe has conducted arts workshops to a variety of young people from elementary students to college students throughout the US. In the summer of 2022, he will be teaching the art of cartooning to students in Liberia, Africa. He has partnered with many organizations to develop educational programs. Some partnerships include Bank of America, The Boys and Girls Club, The YMCA, Junior Achievement [JY1] and others. He has also developed curriculum with the US Common Core Standards for original published literary work.

Joe is the Chair of the City of Hartford’s Film Commission and the Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees for the University of Bridgeport. He is currently enrolled in the Masters Program in Organizational Leadership at Goodwin University.