Service Plans Comparison

Apollo 3 - Services Provided

Coverage Defined - The hours and days of contracted services for the selected plan.
Priority Level Defined - Internal priority levels for service responses when ticket conflict occurs.
Severity Levels Defined - Defines response and resolution times based on criticality of issue.
Phone Response Times Defined - Maximum time before speaking with a technical support associate.
Virtual Support Response Times Defined - Maximum time to have remote support connect to site and begin troubleshooting issues.
Triage/Remote Service - Remotely troubleshoot and remediate issues.
Response and Resolution Plan Times Defined - Maximum time to respond and build resolution plan to issue.
System Integration Package (Documentation) - Complete set of documentation, photos and video that is updated as part of the processes built for service calls, assessments and preventive maintenance or test-and inspect-services.
Summary Report - Provide Ticket summary KPI report.
Customer Success Manager - SPOC and customer advocate for all aspects of relationship, such as onboarding, management and business reviews.
Managed Warehouse Services Defined - will manage and ship customer-owned replacement parts.
Parts Stocked Per Plan - Warehousing commitment of customer-owned critical parts.
Service Business Review - Meeting with all stakeholders to review all account activities, performance, lessons learned, initiatives and strategies.
Asset Management - Assist with notification of license renewals.
Patching and Firmware Upgrades - Automated service to ensure servers and endpoints are updated and protected against known bugs in software.
System Design Support - Additional technical phone support for general technical questions.
IT Systems and Security Assessments - Assess the state of the current environment, i.e., Server HW, OS, Applications, versions and patches, Network HW, firmware, patches and configuration and utilization.
Dedicated On-Site Resources - Optional with additional fees. Personnel dedicated to support customer's on-site technology support needs. Personnel can vary from help desk support level personnel to director and CTO levels.
Dedicated Virtual Team - Virtual team that accounts for primary and backup personnel to ensure intimate knowledge of customer environment and transfer of knowledge should personnel call out sick, take vacation or exit company